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Perfect for any sports activities or running. Comes equipped with everything necessary to find that perfect fit.

The build and sound quality is way above the price point. The sound quality can normally be found in headphones at a price point above £50. Using the given fins and ear buds, you can get a very comfortable fit which rarely falls out. It also blocks out alot of background noise which is ideal for those who may travel very often. I could leave these in my ears for many hours and i would forget that they were even there.

I received around 6 and a half hours playtime which is very close to the advertised time. As my commute is only around 1 hour, the battery would last a few days and i did not need to charge very often. The charge time is quite quick which is very helpful as sometime i would forget to charge this when i got home from work and i could quickly charge it for 30 minutes in the morning which gives more than enough charge to last the day.

The box includes a:
- Hard shell carry case
-5 Pairs of ear buds
-3 Pairs of ear fins
- Clothes hook and cable organiser.

I would recommend this to everyone who is in the market for a reasonably priced and good quality wireless headphones. With the 18 month warranty provided for free, this is too good of a product to pass.

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