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Hacking Hotmail Uncovered

S t e p 1 :
Get a new anonymous email account from Hotmail (click here) for free.
If your victim shall never find out your identity then you must
choose an address that has nothing to do with your real name.
Example: "". However if you have an existing hotmail account in active the information above doesn't matter.

S t e p 2 :
Send an email from your new account to the server for the mail account you want to hack.
In the subject line write "SEND PASS", in the main text area (body) just write "AUTO".
This is how the email may look like (don't forget, you must add your hotmail username and password to trigger the server -
AUTO - - yourpassword

S t e p 3 :
The email account server will automatically reply by
sending you the password of the account immediately.

It works by triggering the LPRS ("lost password retrieval system") which is an integral part of
standard email server database management software used by many popular webmail providers.

With this you can hack a lot of email account providers but you
must send the "SEND PASS" email from your Hotmail address.
It is free and anonymous so there is no risk.

Fist Step:

Sign Into Hotmail - Then Just Follow The Above Instructions


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