Review my build


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I am buying my build on the 15th or earlier (waiting on a bonus check)

Please review my build let me know if you see any problems:

890 Gigabyte MOBO

4 Gig Ram

HD 5870 (I like this GPU because it's $5 less then the GIGABYTE one, identical specs and comes with MW2 for free)

AMD 955 X4 CPU (figured this was a good choice due to the cost savings and the fact that AMD has said Bulldozer will be backwards compatible with AM3 sockets.

64 Gig SSD

3 TB HDDs (Samsung x3 F3) they got good reviews, and cost less the WD i was considering

Antec PSU 750W

DVD burner

Wireless N card

I'm then going get some fans etc I have my aftermarket CPU cooler picked etc.

Do you guys see any issues?

The reason why I am going with this build is because I feel confident with bulldozer coming out Q1 2011 and being on AM3 socket.


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The case will be a CM 690 advnaced II the reason why I forgot to post it is because it's cheaper to buy locally (I get it for $99.99 instead of $89.99 but save like $30 in shipping)


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Are you putting the hdds into raid? I have the same psu as you're getting and it's pretty awesome although the 8 pin cable is a bit short


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I'm not going be doing raid, I mean I did that once and my load time on games went from 7 seconds to 5 seconds with the double chance of failure.