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What is the best way to manage your system resources when you have a large drain on your system? What programs would you recommend for the technologically impaired people, like me?

I'm looking for a program that another guy told me about that resides in your task bar. When system resources get below a certain percentage, it tells you and gives you a few options to do right there on its cp to help you get back some resources. I don't have any idea what it's called.....nope, sorry, but this guy told me about it on another forum (oh oh, yes I visit a couple of others...basically lesser forums, lol) and no one there has answered back. I figured the great minds here would immediately know what to do. :D
unsure of any application but if you use task manager and look at the processess instead of the applications, sometime windows will say the application has stopped however the application may still be running. close down the process, windows has a habit of this type of memory hogging. As for an application there are various one out the for shutting down processes (which might be a better idea)
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