Resolution Notice Popup Removal

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After struggling for months trying to get rid of the irritating popup resolution notice, I finally discovered how to do it. It has nothing to do with Windows or your computer. The resolution notice is coming from your MONITOR.

I have a NEC LCD 1765 monitor and I read the online manual at which mentions how turn the "resolution notice" on and off. I did it by pressing button #5 on my monitor but the menu selections are not clickable with a mouse. You have to scroll up and down the menu list with Montior Button #4 and then select with Monitor Button #5. I went to the "advanced menu" in this manner and found the menu item for "resolution notice" and selected "OFF".

I am finally rid of that very irritating popup screen that was driving me crazy.
Thank God !!! Please spread this information far and wide because I know many others are suffering from this same problem. Good luck...



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Are you talking about the confirmation where when you change the resolution in display options it asks you if you'd like to keep this setting?
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