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I heard a rumour about RE1 being remade again, which is likely to happen using Capcom's new engine.

Honestly. Just how do you think it will turn out?

Knowing how much content was removed in the other re-imaginings due to what I can only assume was laziness, I therefore simply have no faith in Capcom anymore.

They've changed so much as a company since 2002. I don't see it being a success.

Yeah. I have next to no faith that Capcom will remember to add in every area, weapon or boss battle from the 2002 remake.

There's certainly a lot of creatures, too. Tyrant. Yawn. Neptune. Black Tiger. Plant 42.

It's unlikely the spiders will be put in, or the crows. They aren't even in the other modern remakes. So this is probably gonna be more half-assed garbage.
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