Resident Evil Village

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Did anybody here think that this game was kind of daft last year?

I think Capcom was trying to copy RE4. You go to a village in both games, as well as a castle.

Some of the bosses are rather silly too, quite frankly. I also hate the first person mode, as in this case, we don't see Ethan's face in the game. Yet they had characters in similar games, who were fully shown off. So, uh. What's up with that choice of gameplay?
I thought it was a decent-enough RE game... As for the first person perspective, I agree that it lost its appeal, and also, RE7 was the stronger game overall IMO. Back to Village, a 3rd person mode was added via a DLC, though I'm yet to try it myself
I have no idea what RE9 will be about. All I know is that there is speculation of Leon Kennedy being the main hero again, with the story supposedly being set in Singapore. But the franchise has became so quotidian and downright odd.

It was like Capcom just threw female vampires into RE8 because, hell. They had never done stuff like that before, so it probably seemed like a cool idea. Although you can kind of tell Capcom is just making up garbage as they go along now, because fanboys eat whatever's put on their dinner tray.

But anyhow. Forums are kind of dead in 2024. If I get a reply to this post, that's nice. If not, well, one must not expect too much in this day of age.
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