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Hi and good early morning:

It has been so long since I have been here last. I really do miss this place but have been away for a while as I have had to juggle working and increasingly deteriorating health.

Anyway, I have created a website as I would like to explore opening my business back up again. I have got the website done for the most part, however, I am running into some troubles. I am hoping that you all can help me, especially as it concerns visual look and feel since I am totally blind. Yes, blind people can lead normal lives, hold down jobs--I have two, raise families and do most anything else anyone can. It is just that we do some things differently is all. If you want to know anything about blindness and how it all works, YOu can feel free to ask me or look up some videos on YouTube or some articles on Google.

Back to what I am asking.

1. I cannot get my CSS for my navigation bar to work correctly. Because I am using lists to organize other content on the site, I wanted to style my navigation bar by using ID selectors. Unfortunately, something is going wrong, and I am not sure what. Can you please provide me some feedback on this?

2. Do you have any suggestions on font and color choices?

3. I am trying to figure out what I need to do for a logo. I am wondering if you have any ideas.

The website is at Waldorf PC - Home

Thank you so much for all of your help. I truly appreciate you all and really hope that I can get the site launched and marketed after the first of the year.


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1. Your css is ok im not sure what you are writing it in but if i copy it apply source formatting and paste it works.

When it works however there are a few things that you need to fix like the layout of the content and the li in the body are white until hovered over. They are pulling the ul style from the nac give them a class to separate them.

You need images and a maybe use bootstrap to get a better and easier style going.

Then you could use proper blocks with some icons ect ect.
Make a footer ect ect
2. As for colours thats a personal preference black and clue and white are not a bad combination for your niche.
The fonts a bit hard to read I would enlarge it a bit 16px and maybe go with helvetica add some letter spacing and line height.
3. Logo Wise im not sure that could be many things depending on your target market.

Best of Luck.
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