Render Farms?


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I have a couple of older(but still pretty decent computers(and i can get more older ones) that I have and was wondering how to build a "render farm" for my 3d animation.

I use Bryce and do some animations on it.



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Yeah, actually Render Farms are really'll own any top-of-the-line computers at 3D rendering. :D


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it's basically getting a number of weaker computers to work as a team to produce a render rather than use a single powerful computer to do the job. In the end, working with several computers to complete a render is quite a bit more efficient that one high end computer. think of it like building a house. You can have one man hammering one nail at a time at a rate of 15 nails per minute or have say 5 guys who each hammer at a rate of 5 nails per minute. The group of 5 construction workers is gonna get the house built faster.


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Hehe, I've been wanting to set up my 1.2GHZ processor with this one for my 3D Studio Max work but not got round to it... :p

I haven't tried it yet, but I have a connector box to share the internet connection that I recently got free :D

It should speed things up though, and will one day have a small render farm of my own, I'm sure.

I just need now, one of those £500 graphics cards that work with rendering, unlike with standard ones that still let the CPU do all the work (Like my ATI 9800 pro)
Believe me when I say, even a 7800GTX won't help with the rendering. They just aren't built for it. So for 3D rendering computer, its better to have a really good processor, with dual cores if your 3D software will allow it.


just looked at link, and taking 18 hours to do a realistic scene isn't unknown anyway for even 30 seconds, though I tend to run at lower res's etc to speed things up a bit :p
I love the Light Tracer though. I can't live without that in my renders anymore, and that NEEDS ALOT of processing power to run fast, and mine can't even cut that :p

I'm going to try to do that though, Thanks for link :)

And if you use one of those helpers for 3D programs, it might work on Bryce...not sure, but it might be for more bigger applications like Maya and Max that'll work more efficently for companies, etc.