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right. I am on my laptop which has windows 7 home edition on it. I am trying to shut down my desktop computer remotely from that laptop. My desktop computer has windows XP. When trying to do this using the command prompt, I get an error message saying; "The entered computer name is not valid or remote shutdown is not supported on your target computer..." I click on my computer on my laptop and in the network area in the left hand bar there are two pc's listed. My laptop and my desktop PC. Also, when I access the website for my router, both computers are listed as clients and therefore, I would suggest they are both connected to the network. I therefore downloaded a program from the internet (remote shutdown freeware v1.1) and this picked up both computers two. However, when I tried the shutdown, an error message was displayed saying that it couldn't connect to the chosen computer. Finally, when I click on the icon that represents my desktop computer in the network area on my laptop, it gives me a similar message that essentially is saying it cannot connect again. I am sure I have admin priviledges on both PC's. I have a feeling therefore
that this is actually more of a network problem rather than a os issue . Can anyone help this poor noob?
Thanks a lot for your reply Osiris. However, that is the very program I have tried (remote shutdown freeware v1.1). I have looked everywhere and found nothing that works. This is why I have posted my question here as I can find no answer using google.

Thanks again anyway

Anyone got any other suggestions?
I use RDP to login to my desktop from Uni and and can shut down or restart the computer by pressing CTRL+ALT+END

However the desktop is running Windows 7, not XP.
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