Remote Desktop Questions?


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I have downloaded the tightVNC viewer at my school and would like to be able to run a server from home so that I can access my home computer from school at any time. But i do not know what to enter as the server name if I'm trying to access home -- I have a router/wireless USB card so my IP is usually masked...

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


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I think what your saying is you want to be able to interactively log on to your home computer and use it just like it is at home? For this you need windows xp professional on your home end.

If you have a dynamic IP you need to use an application such as dyndns's or if your router accepts it, put your settings into it. The ports need to be forwarded to 80 and make sure that your firewall allows this and also port 3389 (remote/terminal services). When you have done all of this and created a connection to IIS on you home pc you should be able to type "/tsweb" after the address and the Remote Desktop Web Connection should show if installed and setup correctly.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
Regards, James. :)