Remember...It's just a game people

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Also, 10 days later a 27-year-old guy in Taiwan died after playing for 32 hours straight at a cybercafe... though quite strenuous, even comparing to 86 hours to the guy above.

My bud played CS for 27 hours once, only going to the bathroom once, and believe me, it's VERY painful, in his case.
"He got 0wned one last time...."

I'm sorry, i had to revive this. this is TOOOOOOOOOO funny. ROFL :p :p :cool:
talldude123 said:
Xerion's signature is funnier than anything, who still uses a Celeron 733?

Hey, some people just don't bother keeping up with cutting technology. Frankly, after I get my new RAM, i'm stopping. And keeping this EXACT system for atleast 5 years. Any new gaming, and I'm getting a console...
^ That's what I plan on doing with my 24" iMac. Big enough screen, fast enough, and my laptop is awesome. I expect this stuff will last me 5 years at least. I'm just tired of pouring money into this stupid desktop where nothing I want to do is possible (use Linux easily). I'd much rather just get a 24" iMac Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz with 2Gb of ram and stick with it. I don't even play games that much anymore...
Xko said:
Remember...It's just a game people
Sadly to some people, it's a way of life.

It's one of the reasons why I refuse to get involved with gaming guild politics. I have been there once many years ago with SWG.
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