Reinstalling XP - Newbie query

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I don't have much experience with computers, so a newbie query.

I have XP home edition installed on my system. However, when I try to connect my camcorder for viewing video, I get a blue screen. I think I installed some wrong driver.

Now I want to reinstall XP from the backup CD provided with the system. Finding the wrong driver/problem would be tough for me because of language issues (see below).

What are the ways in which I can do this ? Can I avoid losing my existing data ? My XP is in german language, so I am unable to use online help or the manual.

Also, will I have to reactivate XP ? There was no activation needed when I first bought the system (XP included).

Thanks in advance.
try the restore first...
if that fails pop in the xp cd and reload it...and then call microsoft if prompted and we'll give you a new key.
I get the blue screen only if the Cam is plugged in, AND for video download. If the Cam is plugged in for still pix download, then there is no problem.

Really embarrassed about this ... but can you let me know how to boot in 'safe' mode ? I don't get any options when I boot up (maybe because I have a single user defined).

I also tried to create a user account for 'Administrator', but I get a message that it is already there ! I have never seen any option to login using this account though. The user account I have created is an administrator privilege account.

If I want to reinstall the OS, will the following steps be OK ?

1. Boot up as usual.
2. Insert the backup CD provided.
3. Start any setup/install programs.

Will I have to create a boot CD/disk ???

Thanks for your help.
Thanks MicroBell.

I have a laptop with Intel P4 mobile, 2 ghz, 512 mb ram, NVidia GEForce graphic card. Capture device would be USB ??

I hope that a repair/soft install will remove new drivers installed ? I tried to find a USB driver entry for Sony (using Cam manual directions), but there seems to be none.

I do get error message listing ... unfortunately, it is in German. Can't understand it :-( The sequence of getting blue screen is as follows -

1. Set Cam mode to VCR (tape playback), and in it USB.
2. Connect Cam to computer using USB port.
3. Computer tries to recognize the new h/w device.
4. Immediate blank out and restart of XP.
5. In restart of XP, there is a blue screen where hard disk is scanned, for errors (I think).
6. If I leave the Cam connected while XP reboots after the blue screen, then steps 3 onwards are repeated.
7. There is a message window to report error to Microsoft.

I'll change the order in which drives are polled for boot and try with safe mode.

Is it true that user account 'Administrator' can only be created with administrator privileges ? I get the error before I specify what kind of account I am trying to create, with just the name entered causing problem.
Actually, the reason you can't create the Administrator account is because there already is one. Because you're using XP Home edition, you can only log on to Admin in safe mode. When booting into safe mode, you should be able to see the Administrator account. Personally, I would also like to use this account normally, and I'm searching for a way to use it in regular mode. In Pro you can do it, but Pro is also extremely expensive to just buy for an account name.

I can later PM you if I find a way to do it. Earlier, there was a thread asking how...but there was no resolution. Must be something in the registry...if only I could find it...
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