ReImage problems


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I've been having some computer woes and opted for an online software repair called ReImage ( This is a program that's supposed to get your PC to "run like new". - It cost $65 US - ie about $83 Australian.
Well, it certainly DID live up to its promise. When a computer is new, it doesn't have an operating system or data on it and that's exactly how my computer ended up, after I'd run ReImage. Technical support was actually worse than useless because there was an automated response to my e-mails saying that they'd get back to me "shortly", consequently, I waited and waited. That was 2 weeks ago....

I eventually had to bite the bullet and have the hard drive reformatted and Windows XP reinstalled. It's been great fun reinstalling all the programs and putting the data back on my computer. - Thanks ReImage, I'll never forget you.

If anyone is considering an online repair of their PC, I'd suggest that they think long and hard before considering ReImage's services (or, should I say, lack thereof).

Ian Rivlin.


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Welcome to the forums. Sorry about your dilema. Hate to say it but you should of probably used CCleaner (freeware) instead and Avast Home Edition (also freeware) instead of ReImage. I would see if you could get your money back.