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I have windows 7 64 and I was installing a new version of the video editing software I use (not hijacked, I paid) and I paid for it, then went to install it, and it said error: 1603, so i googled this error, and several results pointed to the same thing, a registry problem. So, wanting to still be able to use the video editing software I had just paid for (Cyberlink Power Director 8.0), I bought a registry software called Reg-Cure. I installed reg-cure and activated it. It said i had around 300 or so errors, and then it told me that it fixed all of them. Then i tried installing the video editor again, and error 2932 came up, but it installed correctly anyway, so i was kind of confused but i quickly forgot about it because it installed correctly and runs correctly. But then, a short while after that, my computer started randomly freezing on me, one time, i was playing a video, and I got this:

I uninstalled this software, thinking it must have been what was causing this, and found a different one already on my computer, but not installed. I installed and activated this one (after being refunded for the other one) and this one said it found 318 more errors, fixed them, scanned again and then said it found 21 more errors, updated it, scanned again and it said it found 2 more errors. This second software is called Uniblue Registry Booster.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what's going on with the registry on my computer, I have windows 7 64 bit, is there a specific registry software for 64 bit systems? would a registry repairing software not made for a 64 bit systems damage a 64 bit system's registry instead of fixing it? Should i be worried about more problems?
Really don't know what to say with the pic you linked, that seems very some sort of gfx or driver issue. Can't really answer all your questions but what I can say, you can use CCleaner, it's also free.

Firstly you can uninstall the Cyberlink and the other reg cleaners you used. Install CCleaner, run both the cleaner and registry checkup. FIx all the registry problems (make sure and backup when prompted). After all that is done, try reinstalling back the Cyberlink and post what's the results.

Also are your drivers up-to-date?
Registry Cleaners, Boosters and all of that are all gimicks. CCLeaner is decent. It does a good job and it is not over bearing. Let me explain.

The registry is basically like a small text file. It points Windows to a spot on the hard drive where the file is located. Now if the file is not in use at that time of the scan, it can easily be marked as deactivated, not in use, or marked for removal since the scanning software thinks that it isnt needed anymore.

So you listen to what this "Registry Cleaner" software says and remove the entries just to find out "OMG IT REMOVED STUFF I NEEDED". Now you didnt make a backup of the Registry before you ran the scan, now you have missing entries and problems. You cant restore and now your up the creek without a paddle.

Sorry to say but unless you can restore your Registry to a time before you ran all this software your not going to be in luck.

Sorry just read your last line. Yes a program not made and not designed specifically for a 64 Bit OS can fubar it up royally. A 64 Bit OS is far different. So you could have easily removed many entries that are needed which is leading to your current issues and can easily read to more. Sorry to inform you, but you will need to do a reinstall. Unless you are lucky enough to have a Restore Point from before you did this to your system.
I ran system restore, and it froze during the restore, I hit the reset button, and it just restored and we shall see if it worked or not. I think I will reinstall though, I've been reading around, and found that if you want to keep your registry clean, simply uninstall everything from the control panel. It looks like my computer is back to normal, luckily for me. I think maybe this weekend I will still reinstall though.
I use Revo Uninstaller. It helps remove programs and the "rogue" registry entries that some can leave behind even when removed from the Control Panel. It is a good program to try out.
Joel, I'm pretty sure that my drivers are up to date, they're at least from 2008 but I haven't really had time to check them.

Thanks Mak213, I don't think I've had any rogue programs installed on this computer. It's been working great since the restore. Lets hope it keeps working correctly.

Uniblue agreed to give me a refund, but regcure is being stingy, saying that i can restore the registry from their software and that it truly is the safest and most advanced software available.:very_angry::hrmph::madd:
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