Recovery disks...


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Recently bought a new pc, just made the recovery disks for it. I am sure the answer is no, but just curious, can you use the recovery disks on another computer to install XP Service pack 2? Thanks.


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Sorry, but what do you mean by recovery discs? And where did you make them?....If it is like an image of your hdd, then no it most likely will not boot up on another computer



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Computers usually come with one of two kind of discs:

1. A Recovery Disc- A disc(s) that has an image of the operating system, applications, and all the other junk you usually get from a major brand of computer.
2. A Windows OEM Disc- Sometimes they are called a recovery disc, but they are actually Windows OEM discs that work with your COA, or are pre-configured with the COA already setup.

From what it sounds like, you made the emergency repair discs, which is some useful utilities that help you get your system back up and running if it shuts down. I haven't seen a computer allow you to make a recovery disc, but I haven't bought a computer in a while either. Describe the process that you had to go through.

To answer your question- if the "recovery" disc is an actual OEM disc of Windows XP with SP2, then you should be able to use it on another computer, as long as you have a valid OEM COA on that computer.