Recording music videos


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Anyone ever download music videos from Kazaa? The picture quality seems to be good, but the viewing box is pretty small. If you enlarge it to full screen, the quality gets bad. Is there some way to fix that?

Also I was wondering how I could record them myself from tv. I have 9600Pro, but do I need a tv tuner card or anything like that? I tried searching google but basically all I find is software programs to help you or whatever. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks

PS First post since new computer- love it! Thanks for everyone's help, it realyl wasn't very hard!


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I don't think there's anything you can do to improve the picture quality of something once it's been encoded.
Once something (either video or audio) has been encoded/compressed with "lossy" compression (like MP3, MPEG, ect.) parts of the file information are actually removed. That information is gone forever.

As to recording stuff'll need some way of getting the video signal into your comp. Does your 9600 Pro have a video input?


uh for recording music videos off of the t'v why not just use a dvd recorder that's your best option if you ask me or you could just buy a tv card and then record directly on to your comp and if you don't want to get any of these things then just tape them with your vcr and then connect it to your computer and use special software to record onto your computer