Recommend me an external HDD


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So I need an new external HDD and not sure which one to get. Here is what I am looking for.

Cost - $70 and below (without Shipping and Taxes)
Form Factor - 2.5
Size - Doesn't really matter to me, as long as it's good for the price.
Durability - I want this to be good, most externals I see/haf eventually broke and need to get an new external enclosure. (Don't know if this will reduce the size of the HDD, but I assume it will)
Color - Preferably White
Disassemble - Optional, but it would be nice if the external is easily taken apart if the case gone bad an need an new enclosure.

Thank You.
Get a seagate 250GB. I bought one from wal-mart for a cool $80, and it's been humming like my cespool ever since.

Oh, and it doesn't require a power source. Believe me: You don't want a USB HDD that requires an additional power source; it's worse than lugging around a laptop.


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Get it on newegg. Prices are way better. You should be able to get a 500gb or bigger HDD for $70, but I would go for the terabyte, it's only $100. I have a SeaGate sitting right next to me, been used daily with big files (on average upwards of 5gb) and has been heavily used for 2 years now. No sign of slowing down.