Recoding from puter to vcr

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Recording from puter to vcr

Hope this is the right place to post this. Can someone tell me the easiest way to record from puter to vcr? I want to do some editing of some movies and then record for viewing on vcr. Thanks.
VCR? Thats not possible I don't think! (Im feeling dumb today but isnt a VCR with the big tapes, not DVD's?) So then, How would that be possible? Maybe I just dont know this
Might not be possible, but its all electronic signals. I would think its whether you can convert the signals.
You can get a video card with a TV out. Plug the cord from the video cards TV out port into the Video cards INPUT. You should then be able to view your monitor contents on your TV through the VCR on the AUX channel. Then just hit record on the VCR and its recording.

Or another possible option is that you get a converter box (Kworld is what i have $52.00) so that all the converting is done from the box, plus you can turn off the feed whenever you want.
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