Realtek 6 Channel ALC-650 (On-board) Question

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Just purchased an Epox 8k9a2+ and it has the Realtek ALC-650 6 Channel sound onboard.. I was previously using an external soundcard (SBLive value) and that card obviously has a "Digital out" ... I was running a 4.1 set of Cambridge FPS2000 digitals to the digital out port via means of a Digital DIN socket to standard audio jack convertor (cant remember the proper name of the normal audio connectors.. it looks like a normal one with the two bands on the end for stereo, only this convertor allows me to plug into the digital out on the sblive, giving me true digital output for EAX Surround sound.

My question is, why is it that when I now plug the digital DIN to standard audio jack connector from my cambridges into the new onboard realtek, i get NO sound at all, not even a whisper.. but if i plug a standard crappy stereo connector from a set of shitty desktop spkrs into it... the damn thing works fine...

How the hell can this "6 channel" alc-650 realtek take advantage of 6 channel sound when it wont even work with a digital signal??? am i missing something here?

do i need to ditch the digital DIN to standard digital connector and find some sort of SP/DIF solution instead so that i no longer need the convertor? i doubt this is possible though, this is onboard sound and there are only 3 outputs... sprks/line-in/mic

i'm totally lost here.. any advice/help would be HEAPS appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

My Soyo dragon Board came with a Digital connector that attached to some pins on the MOBO, then fit in a pci bay. Dunno if that helps. Im tired.
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