REALLY weird video problems


Daemon Poster
OK, I'm quite sure this is just some odd motherboard problem, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas. It's quite weird...

OK, I have a Duron 850 with some Biostar motherboard(I can't recall right off) It doesn't have onboard graphics.

The first problem is actually not video related, but it won't POST. Sometimes you have to turn it on and off 20 times to get it to work. I've also gotten BIOS Checksum errors, and it asked me for a disk with the BIOS. Off/back on, it started up.

OK, so you get to windows. I've had 98, 2000(Pro and Server) 2003 Server on it. All do the same thing. When you display any type of compressed graphics, such as a JPG or compressed video, it looks like the compression is very high. Standard windows graphics are even like this. Videos tend to be somewhat ok, but have lines though them and there's a squeal/buzz in the audio.

I used it quite a bit as my server, and actually got online at school using it. Video sent over VNC was also scrambled. Oh, and this is weird. Say I take a good image from another computer and open it on there. I do NOTHING to the image, but save it as even a BMP. It come out scrambled. Oddly enough, it's not just displaying it wrong, it's actually processing it wrong too!

It's not the video card as I've tried about 5 different ones in there, both AGP and PCI. Obviously, this exludes the drivers too. It's not the RAM, as I've tried different sticks in there.

Any ideas? I've all but given up on it. Maybe if I can find a cheap ATX MB, I'll swap that out and get it going again.