Really weird situation with LAN GAMEs

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Hi guys

im maintaining a small internet/PC game shop... and i've been having the weirdest problems with some computers.. i believe this started happening about 3 weeks ago..

To shorten the describing process take the following:

- I have 1 row of computers and are on the network switch.. all windos XP pro
- they are named Unit 1, unit 2, Unit 3 ..... to unit 10

they are all OK, able to communicate with each other in terms of pinging each other, sharing documents, etc.. and all can connect to the internet just fine.

the problem im having is with units 1 and 2, and 5 and 6, when playing LAN games, take for example WarCraft. here's the problem:

1 and 2 cant seem to see each other if either creates/serves a game... and same with 5 and 6..

if 1 creates a game, everyone can connect except 2.. same the other way around if Unit 2 creates the game.. Unit 1 cant see it.

likewise, it's the same situation with Unit's 5 and 6...

Now i dont understand what's wrong with this.. since the network seems to be fine as ALL units can play if neither unit 1,2,5 or 6 creates.. if either one of these problematic units create a game, all can join except what seems to be the unit next to it.. aint that just weird?

You guys have any ideas what's going on?

Please help

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