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i posted this in the software forum, but it always takes a few days for me to get good responses in that forum and i would like this today...

im getting a new comp. its comming in about two weeks, bus some of the peripherals (monitor, speakers, keyboard) are comming today. I want to hook them up to my families computer to test them out. After i install the software to run the new stuff, will i have to do anything to get my families current monitor and keyboard to work again, or can i just plug everything back in?


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you shold be able to. most system now-a-days are plug and play. the peripherals are no big deal.... have fun testing to make sure they work and seeing what kind of resolution you can get from the monitor. :)


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However if you're monitor is new and can handle high resolutions but you're families screen is much older and CAN'T handle high resolutions, I wouldn't play with that cause then you might face some troubles [nothing major but the regular screen wont work untill you switch to settings he can handle]

Thats just a possible scenario as I don't know what monitors you use now and what is you're new one.

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