Really Need Help!


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can anyone suggest me any options on upgrading my PC graphics? I have only PCI not PCI-E and I saw lots of post about PCI not being powerful enough. I live in UK and I can't unless someone is going to ship it all the way to UK buying from US Online Stores. If anyone knows a motherboard that fits with Dell Dimension 3000 case it will be very greatful Thanks. If anyone is willing to sell their PC for a reasonable price i might buy it.
a radeon 9250 is a very good pci card. i got one just to help me get through before i do a compelete overhaul later. it will run some RTS games pretty good. runs UT2004 VERY well. no lag on DVD's. cheap too only like 70$ im not sure where you could buy it though if i search in google it comes up with sites that ship usa\canada only.