Really, Diablo 3?

should get black-dye CD-R or blue (quality) CD-R?

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Heh, yeah right. I'm sure you fans of Diablo all went nuts when you saw this topic subject. I'd be the first one to admit that the game is totally addictive and you can grow old playing it. The 3rd Diablo game is rumoured to be in design process and the idea of this has gotten a lot of people anxious. I just wanted to know what you guys thought of it.
Ive played Diablo 2 and wasn't my kind of game also :( But I will proberly still give number 3 ago when/if it comes out.
**Shuts his eyes and remembers the horrible addiction from D2** Oh dear God, Its coming back for ME!! You see, after becoming totaly addicted I sold all my stuff and microwaved my D2 cd's. lol. I love that game *crys* my preacious!! Must... resist...must fight eruge to go buy D3, it will be... so...goood...
I had the same addiction......after getting in alot of trouble at school for unfinished homework and assignments my dad took diablo 2 and threw it was the most addictice game i ever played......i certainly will not by diablo 3 for fear of that happening again
I cant wait

O My god i cant wait till the new diablo 3 comes out. I was and still am addicted to the game. I never really played diablo but i love diablo 2 and the expansion. I keep making new char and i never stop. Im really afraid my father will take my cd away. Well i hope that they come out with diablo 3. :drool:
i dont blizz will have time to make a D3 right away, for a few reasons:

1) they havent even started on starcraft 2 and i think that will come first

2) they are currently working on 2 MAJOR projects, world of warcraft and starcraft: ghost

3) they are staring to concentrate more on consoles now (ie: SC:ghost and Vikings)

but, i could be wrong, i havent checked into their site lately (as it is blocked at work now :( and i even work in the computer dept, what a b1+ch)
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