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I don't know about most of the veterans of this forum, but I'm tired of seeing all the flaming that has been happening....mostly from all the newer members, and because of this it's obvious that they didn't read the readme first guide to the internet before they started using it.

This next sentence here is directed towards the newer members which constantly start flame wars (you know who you are).

I never did read the readme guide, and I learned the hard way, and I am still learning....but do us all favor and read this simple guide, and you will come out a changed internet user. :bald:

Incase you're too lazy to read that, or you read it and didn't understand it. Then let me simply sum it up.

DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY! It's hard to do, and it takes lots of practice. Who cares if someone is better than you at something else, or if someone has something better than you, etc etc etc.....who cares! I think we're forgetting what we're here for. We're here to help other people with their technology related problems or to be helped with our technology related problems. Not to flame each other every chance we get. You are entitled to your opinion, and others may question your opinion to see if it really is better than yours..which is fine!

Here are some examples of what should NOT happen....

Anonymous person #1:

I personally prefer *insert name here* over *insert name here* because *insert reasons here*.

Anonymous person #2:
OMG....h0\/\/ th3 &#$* d1d y0u 3\/3r...blablalblablablalba.....*insert name here* 1s s0 much b3tt3r th@n *insert name here*, and you obviously know nothing you #$*@ing retarded moron!!! I hope you die and go to *&#$.

There is no reason for this. All you simply have to do is handle this in a professional manner. Let me explain what I mean when I say "Professional Manner". When I say that I don't mean you have to use correct capitalization, puncuation, and/or spelling (which I do encourage! :p ). I simply mean just handle it in a grown-up manner.

Here's a example of how it should go:

Anonymous person #1:

I personally prefer *insert name here* over *insert name here* because *insert reasons here*.

Anonymous person #2:
Yea, those are good reasons to use a *insert name here*, but I usually do *insert what you do here* on my computer so, I use a*insert name here*. However, for what *the person that is asking what would work best for what he does* needs....he would be best getting a *insert name here* because *insert reasons here*.

Simple enough, right? By responding in a professional manner you do two things.

For one, you avoided a flame war, and last but definitely not actually helped the person by answering his question and backing up your answer with facts!

I think this addresses one of the main issues that this forum the moment. The sad thing is though...this only addresses ONE of the issues. Well, looks like there's some work to do. :p

Edit: Forgot to add my disclaimer... :D


I am in no way saying that I am perfect or anything of that sort. I have started and/or begun to start quite a few flame wars just recently, and it's not hard to do, but I'm simply asking you to, not try, but do. Do it and do your best. If you don't do your best then you are just simply trying which isn't your best.


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This is soo true

"Do you want a picture of you getting anally raped by Bill Clinton while you're performing oral sex on a cow saved to hundreds of thousands of people's hard drives? No? Then don't put your ****ing picture on the Internet. We can, will, and probably already HAVE altered it in awful ways. Expect it to show up on an equally offensive website."

Yes, theur are photochopper pics of me arou nd


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That was a good read. I liked the
# If you're on AOL, don't worry about anything I've said here. You're already a ****ing laughing stock, and there's no hope for you.
bit, never can have too much off them insults to AOL users.


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Second best advice: If you wish to be taken as a responsible adult, then act like a responsible adult.

If you come on here acting like a little kid throwing a temper tentrum and calling names, you will be treated as such with no one to blame but yourself.

If all you can do is be sarcastic and flame, go somewhere else.

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what if all you can use is AOHell? then you shouldnt laugh at somebody that dosent have anyhing else to use. like the guy w/ the computer outa the trash, its what he can use so be it.
EDIT im drunk and im being stupid hahahaha. this is fun.:p
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