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This thread is for peoples with desire to learn and be in progress :D

The full name of it is Ogg Vorbis.

A little bit of Ogg and why you should use it!

Since mp3 is a Regitered Invention(Patent) by a German institution named Fruanhofer they are starting to take money from every cunsomer (till now the payment was only 75 cents if you want to make a Media Supporting Player and 5a$ if you want to create a supporting encoder). The only real competitor till Ogg was WMA created by microsoft, though not many has used it. WMA is being improved all the time and in the new WMP the compression will be 20% better. the problem is, WMA is also registered invention by Microsoft, so it will cost to use it too, in the future.
All of this brigns Ogg Vorbis to the picture and if Thomson (the companys to whome Fraunhofer gave utilization concession) will shut their leg then Ogg will rock to the skies. it is an open code - meaning it is free to all and will stay like it. Ogg Vorbis wasn't supported by big players (but they worked on it and many of them already published the encoder included). Ogg Vorbis isn't supported by any outside players yet, too..

hear yah, hear yah, Ogg Vorbis offers better compression then Mp3 and better audio quality. it was created by Xiph.org foundery, a none profitable foundation. many have started using this compression instead of the Mp3 (who was developed in 1987, and with today's technologie, it is DAMN OLD), and so should you!
Remeber! MP3 isn't the synonymous for Digital Audio! it won't hurt you to replace all of you mp3 files to Ogg (like moving from windows to mac, for example)!

a minor explantion by Azuty. for more explantion visit vorbis.com.

Sharp Zaurus PDA is your none-computer-player for Ogg.

Computer players for Ogg: Ashampoo mp;WinAmp;Sonique;Zinf;Deli Player;Quintessential player; XMPlay2.

Recorders and encoders: Audigrabber;CDex;CD'n'go;CD Xtractor;Easy CD-DA extractor; OggDrop;OggDropXPD;Fast CD Ripper; Free RIP MP3;

for any other help or discussion you may post here.
Thanks for the info, I think I may make the switch!
Be careful though... converting all your mp3's to ogg WILL result in a certain amount of quality loss. If I rip cd's, I use ogg, but I'm not planning on converting 6000+ mp3s to ogg.. it's not really worth it.
I haven't really checkeb about how big the procedure will take.. hmm.. should worth checking some convertors.. I'll look around :)
just note that I belive mp3 will begone in 2 years, so then you will have to go over the procedure..
good luck to us all.
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