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To eliminate stickied threads & tutorials from cluttering the top of the hardware section, we have set up this "Stickies Index" to make things easier.

Last Updated: 7.26.10

Building, Buying, & Upgrading PC Tutorials

Building a Computer

A Computer Building Guide - Elbatrop1
An Extensive Guide: Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Budget - Sora
Guide to building your own rig (with pics) - cyrax
How to buy/what to look for when buying a computer or new part. - Static_11
Tech-Forums' Recommended PC Components v2.0 - b1gapl & Puddle Jumper

Graphics Cards

Graphics Card Rankings - Sora & Baez
http://www.techist.com/forums/f78/using-nvidia-card-dedicated-gpu-physx-acceleration-191277/ - vernong1992


Basic Guide to RAM - Elbatrop1
http://www.techist.com/forums/f76/guide-ram-timings-dummies-206383/ - ComatoseClown

Power Supplies

Updated Power Supply Guide - Ste

Thermal Compounds

The Battle of The Thermal Compunds - b1gapl
Thermal Compound Application & Removal Video - Trifid


The Techies' Bible - vernong1992
The Truth About Processor Performance (a.k.a AMD GHz vs. Intel GHz) - nitestick
Common Noob Myths - nOcLuE98
CPU Speed Changing? Speedstep and Cool & Quiet Technology Explained - vernong1992
Let's Talk Tech - b1gapl

Overclocking, Case Modding & Tweaking Tutorials

7900/7950 GT Voltmod Guide - Apokalipse
Official Intel Overclocking Thread - Ste
Official AMD Overclocking Thread - Ste
Basic Guide to Overclocking - Kangaroo
How To Sleeve Your Cables and Wires 101 - turboFX55
Introductory Guide to Watercooling - Nubius
Temperature Guide - PZEROFGH

Hardware Troubleshooting Tutorials

137GB barrier - nitestick
How to find out what kind of hardware you have - Elbatrop1
How to measure your power supply rails - CrazeD
How to Reset Your CMOS - SHAWN
POST Troubleshooting Guide - SYL\X/3K
Troubleshooting Random Reboots - Elbatrop1

Other Fun Threads

Case Gallery - Show Your Handiwork
Rate The Wire Management Above You!
The Official Tech-Forums 3DMark06/03 Rankings
The Official Tech-Forums 3DMark Vantage Rankings
What are your system specs?
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