Re coding a program for Xbox.


Daemon Poster
I've read places that its possible, but you need "knowledge", a softmoded xbox, and the codecs for the program.

I want to convert a toned down version of RoR .35 to Xbox.
I'm pretty sure it will work. Half Life 2 (pc) uses twice the resources this does, and after running it fairly well on my Inspiron 8000, I want to give it a shot.

Xbox Specifications:
Intel Celeron 733mhz
64mb DDR (up to 128mb)
Geforce 3 Ti 500
Seagate 10gb 5400rpm
Windows NT Based Operating System

Junky Crappy laptop:
Pentium III 800mhz
256mb SDR PC-100
Geforce 2 Go 16mb
IBM Deathstar 20gb
Windows XP sp2

It runs great on the laptop, So It should run fair on the xbox.

But how would I do it?

FYI: You can get the codecs(or whatever their called) if you click on the linux download.(since no one has made it yet)

Thanks! :p