RDRAM Newb need help!!


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Hi. Uhh, lets quickly get to the topic... I have recently purchased an ECS P4 motherboard with RDRAM support which is 184 pin 2.5 volt unbuffered rambus. There are 4 slots. Im curious, do i have to install dummy RIMMS into all the slots that are unoccupied?? I have one 256MB RDRAM stick.

The problem is i only have one Dummy module and one RAM stick and 4 slots and when i plug them in and turn on the power, the sys and CPU fans start working but the power light does not turn on and the monitor doesnt turn on. Everything was double checked and the only problem i could think of was the RAM or dead mobo. So some one plz tell me if i have to install dummy modules into all the free slots (because ill have to order them) or is it the dead mobo. :confused: