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Hi, I recently bought these nice RCA Wireless headphones, and have been enjoying them a lot, but due to a recent problem with my computer I haven't been able to test them. I got it fixed today and tried out my headphones on my PC, and they work fine but the volume will lower and raise itself to adjust to the song's loudness by default, as to, I suppose not make it so loud when the song gets louder. It doesn't do this on my speakers or any other headphones so I conclude it has to do with my headphones. Can anyone help me? Here's the exact headphones I got if it helps.


p.s. I tried them on another computer and it does not do this, I also tried them on my cd player and stereo and they do not do this.
I have an AMD Athlon 1.2 gigahurtz Gateway
GeForce 2 GTS/Pro 64 megabytes
320 megabytes of SD Ram
Soundblaster Live! Driver version
DirectX 9.0a
Microsoft Windows M.E. (yeah I know I need something else)
American Megatrends BIOS

I ran DXDiag and it didn't find any errors in my sound or anything else, just to make sure.
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