RAZER Phones


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Hello. I have looked at Cingular's website, and there prices for a Razer ARE EXTREMLY HIGH. $200 FOR A PRE- PAID:eek: . Is anyone willing to sell a black, silver, or red Razer just under $100. about $70 at the least.:cool:


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I have one sat in my drawer here, no use to you i am afraid, unless you want to pay silly shipping from europe.
Honestly, they are good looking phones, but they really are pish. Uber pish in fact. I have had 2, they are so unreliable, have utter crap functions etc, tend to shut down on random, etc etc.
My god, i hate my RAZR's more than my ex wife :)

Hope that's not turned you off, but hey, they really are pish.

Best of luck,
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I got one too, but I got this leather case, and it must have helped, cause I see all my friends' razrs breaking, getting water in them, not keping them for more than a month, and everytime they complain I say, "Mone was the original, and I got this super leather case that has protected it for the last 19 months!"