Fully Optimized
I just have to say i loved this movie. I never really paid an attention to his music or anything but I still appreciated this movie. It showed the good AND the bad side of him. Well done movie...very well done. Jamie Fox looked just like him.

Anyone else see it?

Mental Liberator

Fully Optimized
Why is it, that people are more important AFTER they died, I mean before this movie came out, most of the youth didn't even know who this guy was! But now they're all like "RAY CHARLES NUMERO UNO!"


I was shocked cause I was one of the few who knew who he was. His music left a mark in me. It was very jazzy/soul..

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
Yep it was a good Movie, Jamie Foxx did do an awsome job with the character i think, he really made made the movie come alive.