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Should I get this setup/Change it/or wait?

Hey guys,

Ive been waiting to upgrade for a while, and Im going to do it this summer (this month or next month). So anyways, this is what I CURRENTLY have:

Main Components:
Motherboard: ASUS P4P800
Processor: Intel P4 3.0 (OC 3.4)
RAM: 1Gb PC3200 DDR
Hard Drives: 80Gb SATA WesternDigital
80Gb IDE WesternDigital
120Gb IDE WesternDigital
Sound Card: SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer
Graphics Card: ATi FireGL T2-128 (overclocked with ATITOOL for games only)
PSU: ThermalTake 500W SilentCool

I was thinking about upgrading to this setup, only changing three things:

Motherboard: Asus A8N32-MPV

Processor: AMD Athlon64 3800+

Video Card: Sapphire X1600 XT 256Mb

I will add more RAM as well to bring it up to 2Gb (4X512)

As you can imagine, since the FireGL is a more graphics design card, my game qualities are... well not good, I mean I can run games liek FEAR but its just ok. I doubt that it has alot of the hardware level support (or software level) for shaders, etc., and the instruction sets are not geared towards gaming.

Im hoping that the new set up will provide a good increase in speed and effeciancy in both regular performance as well as gaming.... not to mention a certain degree of upgradability.

I guess I want a few more opinions.

Also, note that the mtoehrboard/proc is a combo that knocks $50.00 off the total bringing it to about $395. which is about what I want to pay

I will be overclocking.


P.S. Should I wait till the end of next month, I mean the prioces might come down (I might be able to get an X2, but the board will cost more becuase of the combo deal).. or should I go now, upgrade the proc later on and then get an AM2 board in a few years (like 4 if I can hold out)..


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Not the best pc for overclocking purposes and gaming.

I'd suggest better RAM (higher speeds) and 2 sticks of 1GB

for overclockers i'd suggest a DFI Board, better CPU like the opti 164 (or was it 165? I dont know all that much bout opty's) or higher, it overclocks pretty well.

and the graphic card could be better, but it depends on you'r budget.


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^ thats the problem is that I want to stay around $400 USD. Im in college (i.e. only workign through the summer) so I have to budget everything out carefully..

Do you think I can do better on the proc and board keeping in mind the $50.00 off if I buy them?
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