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Can anyone tell me the difference between Routing and Remote Access Server (RRAS) and Remote Access Server(RAS) ? And When do i use RRAS or RAS?

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from http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/R/remote_access_server.html

remote access server
A server that is dedicated to handling users that are not on a LAN but need remote access to it. The remote access server allows users to gain access to files and print services on the LAN from a remote location. For example, a user who dials into a network from home using an analog modem or an ISDN connection will dial into a remote access server. Once the user is authenticated he can access shared drives and printers as if he were physically connected to the office LAN.

from http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/docs/RRAS.DOC

Microsoft® Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) provides independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), system integrators, value-added resellers, and network managers with opportunities for deploying internetworking solutions. Routing and Remote Access Service is available to Windows NT® Server 4.0 operating system customers at no additional charge as a released-to-Web product. An enhanced version of RRAS was released as part of Windows 2000. Routing and Remote Access Service is especially valuable for branch office deployments, as well as for use in edge routing where a corporate network connects to the Internet or other wide area network (WAN). Because the service is part of the extensible and open platform of Windows NT Server, there are great opportunities for third-parties to create value-added internetworking solutions. This paper highlights the key features in RRAS today and outlines enhancements in Windows 2000.
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