Random Shut Downs on new computer

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Hello! I recently bought a pre-built gaming rig from newegg.com. It has begun randomly shutting down in the last few days, during games or even while idling. Usually this only happens once every few hours, but it's a little worrying. :sad:

I have used HWMonitor, and everything seems to be running at an okay temperature: CPU's idle at around 48-54 degrees C and don't jump too hot during games (Oblivion, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, etc.) The shutdowns seem completely random.

The former owner sold this computer on newegg because of this problem (I later found out after discovering all of his personal stuff still installed on it and contacting him). The hardware has never been changed/tampered with, and it came with all original packaging.

However, I have had the computer for 6 months and the problem hasn't happened until now. Since the transition from winter to summer is here, and the former owner was in a hot climate, I'm wondering if there's some temperature issue I'm not aware of, perhaps in the power supply?
That seems like a good place to start. A lot of the time when they prebuild computers, they will use inferior power supplies. Perhaps you got a bad one. Do you have any way to test the temp of the power supply? Or you could try sticking your hand at the back exhaust fan and seeing how hot it is.

Either way heat seems to be the culprit with what you've said, and if HWmonitor isn't picking it up it's either a hard drive or the power supply. Hard drive overheating usually doesn't (in my experience) cause immediate random shutdowns, but power supplies can and do. I would either RMA it to newegg, or buy a new power supply.
Okay, basically I have put my computer closer to the window, because it has a decent enough fan/case system that the air goes through it. These random shutdowns happened mainly during the daytime, with the window closed and no ventilation going through the room. (though there's not THAT much of a temperature change). It seems like the sound of the fan on the power supply is getting louder as well (but that might be my imagination).

Unfortunately, I live in a climate with really cold winters and really hot summers. I'm worried about the potential for major damage to the computer. ($$$ I don't have), as it turns from winter into summer and this place turns into a sweat lodge.

For instance, I've had the computer on just about all day today, playing games on and off, but I've had this window open. I can reach back and feel the fan, and it generally feels quite a bit warmer than room temperature, nearly hot. With air going through it, it feels lukewarm or room temperature, and it hasn't crashed yet. So deductively I guess that yeah, it's the power supply.

So is there any way to fix an overheating power supply? Should I just do my best to keep it cool (I can do that without too much hassle), being compu-tarded as I am? (for instance, I have no idea how to check RAM temps or system logs, sorry)

edit: oh, another thing...does moisture/static have anything to do with it? I know this sounds ridiculous, but all of these crashes (been about 5 now) have happened while my cat was in the room, and I could pet him and he would literally spark from the static buildup on my hand, which was unusual.
Yes static could be causing the shutdowns, but only if there were some source that was building a static charge within the computer and then discharging itself when it were high enough. I've never heard of anything like that happening, but I suppose it's possible. You'd basically have your own little van de graff generator in your computer, lol. Are there any little dust bunnies hiding somewhere in the case?

Condensation could most certainly cause the problem, but I'm not sure how you would get so much unless it were raining just outside the window that was being used to cool the system.

I honestly don't have a clue, but maybe someone else will be more helpful. You could invest in a $20 stand-up fan, or box fan and place it on the side of the computer with the case side off during the hotter days.

I don't recommend playing around with the power supply unless you really know what you're doing. I have over 8 years experience with fine soldering, and take it from me, those capacitors hurt. :) If you truely suspect it to be the power supply don't attempt to fix it unless you are 1000% sure that you know exactly what you're doing. Discharge the caps, ground yourself and the supply, unplug it, etc, etc. You can get a decent Antec power supply for pretty cheap nowadays anyway, but that might not even be your problem

Without sitting down and looking at the system myself, I would have no idea where to begin to find the true cause of your problems. It SOUNDS like overheating, but I'm not sure.
I think the problem is all about with the power supply. maybe it cannot meet the current. I had this problem and I solved it by changing the power supply.However as the RichM499 says that you must sure of it. I am agree with RichM499 it sounds like over heating
Get this...so I left the computer idling for about 4 hours this morning, and the shut down happened again...good airflow, cool temperatures.

When I touched the case, the static shock was strong enough to actually hurt my poor finger. ><
It might be a bad power supply, or a bad ground in the house. I've noticed issues such as being shocked from the case when I have a bad ground in the wall socket.
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