random shut downs, curruption, failure


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i upgraded my computer:

Amd sempron +2400 1.6ghz
512+256 pc2700
radeon 9600 128mb SE
ASUS via KT400/333 series mobo

Amd athlon 64 +3000 1.8ghz
1g pc 3200
ASRock 939dual-SATA2 mobo
GEForce 6800 256mb XT

Power supply ??w doesnt say it on power supply, cant find it on computer.
Lite-on cd-rw 52x32x52x
80g maxtor hard drive
mcafee 2006 virusscan

I had windows xp home edition with the same cd key used on 2 different computers mine and my family computer(not suppose to happen). But i wanted to switch from AGP to PCI-e so i upgraded my comp. after i installed the CPU graphics card and mobo i had to reformat to make it work. Windows xp activation didnt work with my new cpu soi couldnt activate. I installed my gig stickof RAM. then i reformatted again to see if it would work then but didnt work. I downloaded a crack from limewire that made it work but i was having all these funny problems

It was saying that certain files were currupt even if they were on cd
it was saying that direct x 9.0 and my sound driver werent tested with windows and may cause an error.
I was also haveing random restarts with my computer.
these files couldnt install because of problems:
some windows files off the cd (so i tried another windows home edition cd and did the same)(currupt)
microsoft update(currupt)
java, said its already installed and cant update
direct x 9.0
sound driver.

I reformatted with home edition one more time and had the same problems even when i wasnt using the crack.
i downloaded windows xp pro egyptian hack SP2 and it still had these issues. i havent tried any games yet so i dont know how they will run.

possible errors? :confused: :
power supply (not big enough so it reads inproperly, cant speed up fan so causes crashes maybe?)
CD-RW (drive read the windows cd wrong so caused problems with other programs.)
CPU fan ( i installed the fan, ran my comp, failed because of windows i thought it was the cpu so i took off the fan moved it over a little more then placed down again and may have made the coolant no good.? causes the crashes, fried part of the mobo causes problems reading maybe)

if you need more info ill tell it to you , there is just alot to say.
thanks :)