Random revenge?

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How would you exact revenge on someone who F'k3d you over? no idea is too bad or gross, it is mostly for fun here only...
Little story from the past from a friend of mine, though I'd strongly recommend doing this if someone's REALLY pissed you off:

It was 6 PM; he was driving home, where a bunch of punk kids were standing in his driveway... he revved up his engine to scare them, but of course, it would be illegal for him to run them over. Upon revving his engine, the kids got aggravated and started throwing rocks at his car - he was mad, but he had a good plan in store.

That night, he cruised down to the local grocery store and got a gigantic sack of salt. When he returned home, he headed over to the kids' house, trampled on the lawn, and poured the sack of salt all over it - and drew an image in the lawn in the form of an evil pentagram, which spanned all across the lawn. Later that night, the salt burned through the grass, and in the morning, the entire family was shocked at what they were seeing - they thought the devil was coming (they believed in Satan)... surely enough, they panicked, and later that week, the family moved out.

:D *evil grin*
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