random freezing in Windows 7


Fully Optimized
So I haven't had these problems until this past week. I did a RAID1 array with my main drive and then installed Windows 7 on it. Worked fine for awhile. Then this past week the network keeps becoming unavailable (I have found that to be an nVidia driver issue) I tried other's suggestions to get that running and then it ran for awhile before freezing while loading something, so I did a hard restart and that kicked off one of my hard drives on my RAID array. I figure I'd fix that later and just keep running the system. It decides to randomly freeze. It's done it several times yesterday and today. It's favorite being when playing YouTube videos I think. Sometimes you can wait a few seconds and it will come back, others nothing will come back and you have to hard restart. Just typing this it froze on me twice and came back... I never had this problem on Windows 7 RC x64. I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64.