Random Disconnects


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Hey CF,

Over the last 2 months I have been experiencing random disconnects on my home network. I'm in Canada and on Bell Highspeed internet. I have 5 computers in my house (2 wired, 3 wireless laptops). No more than 2 are ever connected at once. But about 5-10 times per day my internet will disconnect all computers at the same time for about 3-5 seconds. Now if I was just browsing the web, this wouldn't bother me so much, annoying as it is. But when trying to play pc games online as well as Xbox live, the internet drops just long enough to get you kicked from the game.

I have been on the phone twice with my ISP (Bell), and the first time they claimed that they checked their end of things and said everything is fine. They then sent a tech to my house who gave us a new modem. He claimed it very well could be our modem that was causing the problem. But 24 hours have passed since then and it still continues to happen.

I also should mention that last summer (almost a year ago now) we had massive lag spikes. Bell sent a technician who determined that a wire underground had been damaged which resulted in my front lawn being dug up to fix the wire. After that the internet couldn't have been better. I really hope this isn't the problem again.

Ill be calling to get another tech to come within the week. I will post updates.

Anyone had any similar experiences or possible solutions?


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Ok Update 1.

I don't know about other ISPs, but with bell (phoneline connection) you have to install 'filters' on all of your phones in your house, otherwise you get static.

I updated my modems firmware and when I was browsing the web and got disconnected, the modem displayed an error in my browser stating that I should make sure I have filters installed on all of the phone lines. So I went around my house and replaced the old filters with new ones that came with the modem and so far I haven't had a problem.

So I am crossing my fingers that this was the problem...

I wonder could this of all been because of a bad filter?

EDIT: Oh god its doing it again. Twice in 30 mins this morning. Ughhh