Random Computer Shutdowns


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I have a laptop that will randomly shut down. It does not seem to be dependent on anything I am doing or not doing. Nothing I do on the coumputer is resource intensive. I am basically just browsing the internet, working in MS Word/Excel, Quickbooks and other basic office functions.

I was first thinking a power related problem but am unsure about that since it would not be the power supply since the battery charges and discharges like normal. I could see the computer turning off if the battery were dead and not plugged in but it is happening while the battery is charged and plugged in. If it were the battery, wouldn't having the power supply plugged in bypass the need to have the battery in?

Do you think a simply format of the hard drive and restore do the trick? I can easily do it but I would hate to have to spend the time if I don't have to.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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More often than not I find this is a temperature issue - it's possible it's some form of virus (I'd grab spybot s&d and give it a scan just in case) but generally when I find this issue in laptops it's because of an overheating problem. After the laptop shuts down, can you boot back into the BIOS and check the temperatures? Speedfan would also be a good thing to install / have on hand to check the temperatures while you're in windows.

Does the laptop shut down after you've been on it for a while (roughly the same length of time?) or straight away? If it's roughly the same length of time after a while then this again would point to an overheating issue.