Random Chit Chat

It never fails. I spring the extra for 2nd day delivery and bad weather screws me over. What was supposed to be here today has been rescheduled for Monday. FFS
Bad weather here as well. It is freezing brrrrrrr. We were hammered with a blizzard and foggy conitions! I just purchased a beutiful thick fur coat to keep me warm and its working! :)
electric blankets do not help your water pipes from freezing up.
Earlier this year in January we got down to -8 f and anytime we get below +10 f I have to run space heaters in my laundry room and trickle water into the laundry tub. I use a small space heater under the kitchen cabinets to keep my dishwasher from freezing up. I also crank up my forced air furnace too. This house I am currently has a slab floor and very poor insulation. When I lived at another place with a basement I never had to worry about the pipes freezing as long as the furnace ran
Well the person that was intended for needs the heat to warm legs that could get burned easily.
The house we're in has very leaky windows and last night it dipped well below freezing again. Since I'm on call I'm in the far room that gets the least amount of air and needless to say it was pretty chilly. Woke up in a cold sweat.
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