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Mine also needs upgraded. I last upgraded when the last of the specific models of Dell became absolete and sold out. I have a Dell Inspiron Gamer with Intel core 7559 with NVIDIA GEO 9 graphics 256 Gid SSD with a Data D one TB HHD equipped with Windows 10 and is not compatible with Windows 11. The backup two in one bendable lid that transforms into a tablet, Dell Inspiron touch screen with SSD memory mixed with Optame memory type is compatible with Windows 11 and ready for download. The backup just made it for an up to date and not absolete laptop and contains a one TB HDD 7500 RPM. The backup is acually faster, better performing than the gamer and was much cheaper!! :facepalm:

I guess that ole saying "You get what you pay for" isn't always true.
I'm having quite the hassle with the ISP called TalkTalk in the UK. People post complaints online about their stupid asses all the time, saying they just muck people about, tell lies, hang up the phone and whatnot. It's so sad.

They have refused to terminate my contract just because I failed to provide them with the correct security details from when I initially registered.

Basically, I went with them last year. My contract for their fast broadband deal at £30 per month was supposed to end in September, but unless notice is giving, they keep it running for you. So I recall ringing up the buggers in May because their speed is just so lame. It is simply put, the worst you could think of. You can get way better deals for the same amount of money with Virgin or PlusNet, and so on. I just prefer not to be tied down.

I only achieve around 0.3 MBPS, so HD streaming is really out of the question. They sent me a new router, which was just the same as the other one. But it's just because the line is so crap. I wasn't able to get fibre, because it's not available in my shithole of a neighbourhood.

Downloading updates for PS4 or 5 games takes days, and you have to resort to using unlimited data with a mobile phone service instead. But to be honest, it's only slightly quicker. You're still gonna be waiting a while.

Outdoors, 4G is generally fast. Indoors unfortunately, the signal greatly reduces to about 1 MBPS because of the building blocking the connection, I guess.

So I went on Amazon and ordered a 4G router, because Smarty does unlimited data for only £17.99 with no capping off. It only cost me about £55 for the Huawei router. And it should be arriving today. Plus, I made sure to get a Nano adaptor too, in case my SIM doesn't slot into the port.
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Well, my router came this afternoon. I didn't notice a big difference with the speed my router achieves. In fact, to even get 12 MBPS, I still have to position it near a window in a specific spot. My router didn't come with antennas either.
Well, after over a year, i have finally broke down and am reinstalling windows 10 in my computer again. The reason is i have three programs that are windows only. Not even mac but for one and that means you can't run those programs without windows. I tried wine and no luck. so i ordered a disc and new passkey for it. My old passkey i can't remember and the copy i had of windows was done on line. Well, you cannot download windows 10 anymore. They want you to do windows 11. I don't plan using windows all the time so i don't need the newest programs in the world. I will continue to use linux but there is sometimes you need windows. It sucks, but thats my luck. My printer uses cups in linux and thats a bare bones program that lets you use the printer. i need the rest of the software so i can copy old photos to digital. Burning them to a disc,{usb}. I can't get the printer to do that in linux. I am starting to add a new section to my Model rr and i need the software i use to figure it out. again. no software for linux. Maybe The makers of the software will see this and do something for us who need these kind of programs. Anyway, Have a Happy Thanksgiving out there. lets hope for a Merry Christmas too!! We all need a very great New Year too!!
I'm gonna be giving up forums at the end of the year, because there's not enough activity on them thanks to garbage like X (formerly Twitter) and similar social media platforms being what people mostly use. I've also been dealing with this idiot for years, as he targets me online, following me about and posting abusive comments.

This guy on this abandoned anxiety help site: http://anxietyforum.net/

He took it upon himself to register using my usual username thesaunderschild, as I signed up there as The Scottish Pedro. But PeterAndersonIsARacist, takealookpedro and various other handles are all his accounts as well.
That's why I don't use Linux.
If it wasn't for those two small issues i wouldn't go with windows ever. But i am not alone. I know of others that have a dual boot for there work. It sucks really! Why can't a company that sales printers make software for more than windows or mac? I can't understand why there are so many companys that make software for the model railroad companys that will only work in windows. One company makes one for Mac. none make one for Linux. Here is another gripe, With over 90% of all servers out there using Linux for there software, why don't more go away from windows for there servers. Linux server software serves any os. why can't other software do that the same? another thing is anti-virus software. If Linux can get away without needing it why can't windows and mac get away from it. Thats something i will have to check out, I am going to need a anti-virus for windows. Is there any free ones that are any good? Not like i want to be on line with windows much, but i guess i should need something to try and keep them scammers at bay. Gonna have to relearn the windows software again...UGG!!!!!
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