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A few people at my work have bought those secretlab chairs and seem to really like them, so seems like a solid choice.

I actually ended up with the xbox elite 2 controller, the back paddles mean I dont get as sore as when I have to press the abxy buttons - pulling on the paddles just takes a lot longer to start hurting, so that was a worthwhile purchase. Was hoping to play Starfield with KB&M but the healing process is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as hell... so slow sometimes I am not even sure it's getting better. But I think it is. Maybe..

Weird random thing, the 3 weeks i took off work and stopped using a keyboard has destroyed any recollection of how delete and backspace work, I keep getting them the wrong way around and really have to think about which way round they work when typing lol.
Oh I meant more for the split keyboard setup Yami was talking about. For gaming you can pull the gamepad (KB) down and push it up when you're not. That's what I do. The unfortunate thing is they're not at all that popular with people dropping oodles of cash on unnecessary RGB mechanical keyboards so they're hard to find. In terms of posture it really helps me with the angles and height I have my setup at. Plus when I'm working I just push it out of the way and pull my day job laptop over. When I game I hate 0 weight on my wrists. Can't say the same for long term typing though but haven't figured out a clever situation for that.
Semi-stupid question. So I have a reference Radeon RX 7900 XTX, but I would like to add some light to it. As far as I can tell this model has absolutely no LEDs in it. I'm not looking to make it some garish lightshow, but my AiO, RAm, and 90 degree 24 pin adapter are all lit up on the right while my card and the other side is just a black hole. Anyone have any ideas on how to spruce it up?

Additional info. The card is hanging vertically, as in the motherboard is rotated 90 degrees so the I/O is pointing straight up. The fans on the card point to the left, what would be the bottom of the motherboard. I have considered Lian Li's Strimer cables but I am using 180 degree adapters and running my GPU power cables straight back so they aren't readily visible.
What about some LED light strips? something like this, maybe?
On the topic of gamepads, that's my plan for Starfield - I'll play the game half KBM, half controller. I picked up this Xbox Contoller in prep for Starfied, as I've been using a PS5 controller. I figure the space section will be much better with controller, and I played No Man's Sky the same way.

I'm glad I did; while the PS5 controller is nice, and I prefer the weight, it's slightly too big for my hands to be comfortable for long periods. The Xbox controllers are a better fit.

Annoyingly though the D-Pad on that Xbox controller is crunchy/clack as HELL. It's so loud. I hope it'll reduce after some use 😅

In other news, I have a 3070 Ti these days, and despite having an appetite to upgrade there just isn't anything that's worth upgrading to. Vaguely considering a 7900 XTX, but I try to stick to a power utilisation budget for my machine (environment, energy costs).
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