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Welp... Long story short, My wife's health has been in decline for years now, and I cannot pay two households bills...

There is a lot more to it, but that's the skinny version, without getting upset at the whole situation. But I will say it sucks having to make hard decisions with family.

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Couldn't find my old thread so will kick it up here. Some may know my computer died after the fans on my CPU died. It followed right after and looked like 3 of the 4 sticks were burned. Maybe the board too. Anyway i was getting another board but not the one i really wanted. But where this one came with CPU and Ram and another fan too. The board didn't have a video card on it so i tried the Asus GPU i had here. Its a RX-570. I was so glad it still worked!! Now Fragile stands for "Drop Kick this Sucker! Somehow the on-board sound would not work in windows 7. I was able to use the ssd i had but i lost space on the card. I tried to wipe the drive and reinstall but that didn't work. I am getting a new ssd. I lost about 100 gigs of the space. Now, the goodies. Its a AS Rock motherboard, M3A770de and a athlon 2 255. Its a ddr3 board and i got 16 gigs of ram with it. Everything is working. I had a Diamond Xtreme Sound 5.1 laying around. I can't remember what i needed it for. I was going to throw it away, but somehow i didn't do it. Good thing ! Anyway i will be doing a couple of things to it, a 6 core processor and new CPU cooler. This board was early windows 10 later Windows 7. I am running 7 right now but when i get the new ssd i will be going to windows 10. Using my back up drive windows 10 worked perfect, So i just need to get my new card and i will have it. I think i may keep the current ssd for the games in it that won't play in windows 10. This system is 5-6 years old but that is way newer than what i had in 2010. Will see how it goes. I still plan on a Ryzen set up. Maybe for Christmas.
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