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I do have 3.0 as well as 2.0 usb on board. This just started happened when I tried to install linux like friday night. No matter what I couldn't get it to install. I went back to windows and the memory stick was bricked to 2.65 GB. It's a 64gb stick. I downloaded a program that recovered the partitions but that is when I noticed my usb drives went missing. Don't know if that program screwed the system or what. Funny that the other sub's are working, my keyboard, mouse, printer all are working. I still want to go with mint but I think a different mirror, would be a good idea. Also, if I put a disc into the DVD drive, it will read it now. Not sure about burning.that is back.and I was able to get access to my tablet with usb but when you unplug or take disc in dvd, it disapeers. I have a media reader card that gives about 6 or so different usb slots on it. They also disappeared. But I do think I damaged the memory stick. I'm going to get some DVDs and burn a copy of lime and burn a copy that way. See if I can get lucky this time. Wish luck.