Random Boots and Endless loops...

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Hello all. IÂ’m having a problem with my laptop and wanted to see if any of you could help me solve the mystery. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A-45 with a 2.6ghz P4 processor, 768mb of RAM and has ran WinXP since I got it a year and a half ago. It came with a 40gb hard drive which I switched out for a 100gb in February of this year. IÂ’ve never had any problems with it until now.

The problem started about a month ago when my laptop started to, at completely random intervals, get the blue-screen of death and reboot itself with no warning. About 15 days ago it rebooted for the last time and at the boot screen would blue-screen and reboot itself over and over again never fully loading Windows. I figured crap and decided that I didnÂ’t want to mess with it and try to fix it (I backup my stuff every night), so I loaded up my WinXP disc, formatted it and reloaded Windows.

I got everything loaded up great and correctly only to realize that the thing was going very very slow! When I loaded My Computer it would show a little Magnifying Glass and take literally thirty seconds to load. That wasnÂ’t normal but I ignored it until the inevitable happened, it started that weird random blue-screen reboot loop before conking out completely and not loading past the boot screen again.

Angry at the situation I decided to troubleshoot and put my 40gb drive back in to make sure that it wasnÂ’t my laptopÂ’s RAM or Motherboard. After a week of having it in I had no problems. I also ran a bunch of diagnostic tests and they all came back positive, nothing was wrong with the rest of the computer. I am very security oriented and afraid of virus and malware so I decided that I would once more reformat the 100gb drive and reload Windows and do a bunch of tests before it died again.

I did so and surprisingly the computer loaded up wonderfully and worked without a problem for a couple of days, fast as normal. The tests came back good; three different Antivirus programs, AntiVir, Avast and AVG reported no virus and neither Windows Defender, Ad Aware or SpyBot detected any Malware. Perplexed I thought that maybe I was good to go until three days later, BAM! XP blue screened out, crashed hard and refused once more to boot.

So here I am now, confused as ****, trying to figure out what to do. IÂ’ve searched Google, but what IÂ’ve found has been mostly cryptic. I wonder if it is my hard drive or something IÂ’m missing. ItÂ’s just weird how itÂ’ll work for a while before just randomly quitting. Any ideas? Sorry for such a long post, but I figure that more info is better than less.


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Well what is the Stop errors that it gives? Have you run MemTest to see if it is your RAM? Have you updated all your drivers and firmware?

There can be many things. Have you installed SP2 and all the updates?


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you will wnat to try and get some diagnostic software from the hard drive manufacturer, they all have some.

Also checkout the smart status of the drive.
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