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where can i get the cheapest RAM sticks in either fort mcmurray,calgary and edmonton, i really got to find some....
I dont really know where you can get the ram your after ( sorry ) but about the cheapest thing...prices go up and down everyday so its just a matter of being in the right place at the right time
RAM Supplier

Try: RAM Computer Supply Inc. (416) 398-1100
Ontario Location but will sip via Courier. Can supply virtually any memory you may need. May not be cheapest - but usually can come up with RAM for older computers, ie. 486 or 586 P1 models.
what country are you in and are you looking for SD, DDR or RD RAM?

maybe you should look for PC swap meets cos one that ive been to sell network cards and stuff for like a buck (mind you thats Aussie dollars)
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