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Its my birthday soon and i want to upgrade my RAM, its 512mb and i dont really want to spend to much over £100. What type of RAM would all of you recommend?
What are your other specs? and what do you do with your pc?

You can get RAM really cheap now, so you can get another 512 for £30. Your money might be better spent on other parts though.
OS: Windows XP Home
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz
Video Card: GeForce 6800GT
RAM: 512mb
HD: 120gig + External HD 160gig

I was told that Corsair is a good option. Also whats the difference between DDR and DDR2?
DDR2 has higher latency's and 240 pins

If you have normal cheap ram, just get the cheapest PC3200 you can find
Yeah, get another stick of ram. Download CPU-Z from www.cpuid.com to find out what ram you need (Most likley DDR) post a screen print of it.

I don't really like Corsair, but it is still good.

DDR2 is what the newer intels are using, and it is really isn't good, as it has higher latencies, than similar speed DDR, and DDR can be faster.

DDR2 has a higher bandwidth, but it is not really worth it, as a AMD 64 with DDR ram will have better bandwidth because of the Hypertransport. Do a search for more info.
Heres a screenshot of the Memory, i realised it said i have Dual Channels, does this mean i can have two 512mb?


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you have ddr333 ram

you should try getting 1 gig of ddr400

ddr333 operates at 2.7gb/sec, while ddr400 operates at 3.2gb/sec

what is your motherboard? if it supports up to ddr400, you should definitely grab yourself two sticks of ddr400 512mb
:-| you are completely confusing me as i dont know that much about Memory and stuff... How can i check which motherboard i have.
You got 2 sticks of 256, in dual channel mode, which gives a free boost in bandwidth, meaning its a bit faster.

You need atleast PC2700 ram, and your latencies are pretty much generic, so get any DDR stick of 512.

How many DIMM slots does your Mobo have? If it has 4, than you can keep the dual channel, if it has 3, than you might lose it.

edit: (bloody slow typing :mad: ) On CPU-Z click on mainboard, another print screen of it pleese :p )
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