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I installed 512mb of RAM on my computer when I made it the other week. But now, it says on the system properties that I only have 480mb. Any ideas?
yea, that sounds like the issue. Onboard video sometimes uses shared memory, wheer it takes memory from ram to make video run faster. It should be adjustable in the BIOS how much it takes.
i think your MB's shared video Ram can be adjust in the CMOS. If ya think 32MB is too much, (maximum is 64MB) you may change it to 8MB.
also* some motherboards limit the ammount of RAM you can have.....what kind of mb is it?
The amount of RAM being eaten up appears to be 32 MB (512 - 480 = 32), so I would probably guess, an nForce of Intel i845G/GL-based mobo.
since ur RAM is more than 256MB, why not make ur graphic card run at 64MB? Your Intel Graphic Extreme is a 200Mhz core speed Accelerator. So, with 64MB, you shld see better performance than a 32MB allowance. My 2 cents worth only. :)
do what James said :p

If you have the mobo manual look through it and see if you see anything about how much RAM the mobo can handle.

If you don't see anything try looking it up on the companies website.
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